Monday, November 07, 2011

Size doesn't matter!!!!

'This oversized sweater has been in my closet forever and finally  it has found happiness with my all time favourite cycling shorts.'

Food pictures for my friend Durgii (YAAAY..Hope it makes you Happy)  
(Stripy Sweater from Camden Town, H&M Cycling Shorts, ZARA Boots , TOPSHOP  Rings)

Hampstead Heath is the place to be!!! I didn't know until yesterday.One of the most beautiful place in London. It's like a village on the hill with nice shops /restaurants and posh people around. My friend recommended that place as I was craving for this super large Milkshakes  and big fat steak(fine American Diner) from Tinsel Town. Luckily we're closer by and we just drove there. But, I was a bit annoyed because we had few problems with the parking. But it's all worth it. Next time, I'll prepare everything before hand and do some walking around because I just found out today,  from the top of the hill, we can see all of  London.
I would move there right NOW, if I could.
(Damn I've got busy week ahead; Can't be bothered with work)
Bye now


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