Monday, December 12, 2011

Harley Street

I'm in love with my new sweater from stylenanda (which took forever to come), it's so cute and stylish. I just put it together with oversized boyfriend denim shirt and plain black tights. 
This  is how it looks from the back
These are pictures  from  last week  when me and friend Prasti below, (who's also a photographer in this posts) we decided to go to Harley Street and went to the skin clinic and ended up buying  some products which were super-pricey. The lady there was also trying to book an appointment for some treatment  but we managed to get away hehehe. It's been a week that I'm using their product and I can't tell if it's working.(FML)


  1. I LOVE that sweater. It's so unique! Now I really want it, haha.

    vonnie <3

  2. oie i lop ya glasses...;)

  3. @Vonnie : yeah you should defo get it...xx