Friday, January 06, 2012

Giddiness is Rising

                                                                                                                      video source ChristericxUNIF
  Desperately waiting for spring/summer. This video makes me feel like summer is in the city and brings huge   smile in my face.  I don't care about clashing back with the whole last year summer look because love the feeling of being effortlessly stylish. Long chiffon dress, ripped shorts, sky high heels or  anything oversized. I heart UNIF Clothing-been my True inspiration.
My Top Wishlist:

UNIF Hellraisers PINK
Hellraisers Black &Gold
As you all know, how much I love anything with studs and spikes. Just a few things that I have my eye on for summer. Wish I could buy them now :(


  1. Those shoes are amazing--but could be dangerous if you accidentally kick your ankle or something =). I might have to put them on my wishlist, too.

    Hello, Framboise!

    1. Yh it's quiet scary!!! You should definitely get one!!

  2. Love the pink shoes!

    If you follow me and comment on my latest post saying you did, I'll follow your blog back!


  3. ooh i love the spiked shoes!!!!! so awesome! :D