Wednesday, February 01, 2012


(Topshop Tights £8)
(Hairscarf from Camden, Topshop Shirt, Vintage RED Blazer)

I never really know how to describe my style..I love everything what I wear..
But if you check my looks here.. You can tell what my style is like and this is what I usually love to wear anything bright,  oversized with creepers.

(Hairstyle RIRI Inspired)

I love all the outfits RIRI wearing on this video..
Been listening to this song ever since and Can't get over it..
Sikkk music video <3


  1. THat hairstyle is jaw droopingly gorgeous.

  2. The jacket reminded me of the one i saw in thamel last time... I loved it but too was just tooooooo BIG for me!! sad part is i couldn't even alter it! :(
    and now..your jacket makes me envious :P
    Looking awesome!! and that ilove how you worked out with your hair..
    tutorial??? :)
    guess i shud try too!

    1. yh this blazer is a bit big on me too..But, I was like I have to have it no matter what...I totally understand How you're feeling rite now as I've been through that too loads ov times..About hair tutorial really??? it's just random..easy peasy (curled my hair..tied it up and pop the hair upside down and tied scarf on the top..Might do tutorial if I'll get few more requests hehe..Anyways Thanks a lot..

  3. LOVE the hair! And the blazer!