Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pathetic Fallacy

(White Lace Tunic and shorts from topshop; leather strapped sandals from Office; Ozzy glasses, studded clutch bag & armcandy from topshop)

A week filled with nothing but misfortune, but I must say after visiting my clothing store( Topshop) it filled me with bliss. Don't sympathise with me or feel any sort of pity .....I compensated for my so called "misfortune" by going absolutely haywire or "George of the jungle" with my credit card which I say was very immaculate. 
Exhibit A or the dress you see in the picture above was one of my prized purchases I made . The material is as soft as a pillow. This softness is  only complimented by its angelic design on the back. This design is only rivalled by the "white lace tunic" that I happen to come across in the lucky am I huh ?...I have been craving  this design for quite some time now. My interpretation of this dress - its decent for my workplace . As soon as I saw this dress I could not help but try these on, it really exploited my inner demons. I think this dress captures the aura that surrounds Camden and the weather which I must say was very almost an oxymoron seeing how the weather around London is always depressing. You could say it was very "pathetic fallacy" in nature.

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