Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dinner at Xanadu

While i was  in Cuba, I get to experience an unforgettable evening. I was collected on an American Vintage car from 50's and drove to Xanadu Mansion, a magical place with the most spectacular ocean view. It was an opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner and get enchanted by the most eye catching architecture and design built in 1926 by the french american multimillionaire. I  would highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting Cuba, (Varadero). They had the nicest mojito with the sophisticated menu.

I wore this print crop top and paired it up with a matching trouser. They're very exotic, gives that whole tropical feeling, it's very versatile perfect for dinner when it paired with heels or sandals during the day.   So, I threw on my pointed high heels to make it look more elegant and dinner like. Not to forget, it's very comfortable to wear and adds the trendy feel to it.

River Island Print Crop Top & Trousers
Zara Pointed Heel Shoes
Asos Handbag

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