Sunday, October 02, 2011

Beyond the Closet IT IS!!!!

Enjoy the video: that I came up to start my very own fashion blog. Fashion has been my interests since I was young; going through my mum's closet(trying her make up and clothes LOL)my style has evolved overtime and wanna share my passion with all you guys(Super Excited)..Hope this will be exciting for you all too. 

NOW 'Lets Lets Begin some fun and daily rambling' shall we

FILM By : Shirish Gurung (one of the most talented and creative person I've ever met)
In this posts: Dolly Dare Dress


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  2. love the video gurlll... ur as stylish as eva ... xoxo

  3. O girl where did u get Dis dress it lks 2 much yummy m just luffing it :)

  4. amazing video and i love the dress you were wearing.


  5. lovin ur blog yaar... n d video is awesome....cheerz