Monday, October 24, 2011

Hunt down animal print with leather and gold

This leather and leopard print shoe with gold chain detail is so classic and stylish! I
don't just love it, i also adore OFFICE for producing these fab shoes which I've been
lusting over (one of my purchase posts which i got it from last weekend). I am 
wearing this Black DIY crop top with a high waisted side zipper pant from American Apparel
They are the must-have trousers in your wardrobe.If you don't have one Hurry up!!!Treat 
yourself.. its WORTH it because I'm sure you'll be walking with it almost every day!!
(P.S. Sorry about the late posts guys.Lately, I've been so busy was out of city over the weekend.
Went to land of BRUM for dental showcase. Driving up there was long but had a lovely 
time. Unfortunately, my camera broke down and didn't get chance to take pictures.)
Anyway you guys have a great week ahead.
Love Binita


  1. dang girl'
    you sure is full of talent..
    and its always a delight to come across with nepali blogger! :)

    defnitely following you..

    hope u follow back :)

  2. im a major shoe whore and that shoe of yours is just amazing. its leather with leopard print.. what more can you ask for.. haha :)