Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rocking it with Ripped jeans

I headed out to cheer up sister and her team for basket ball tournament over the weekend. Unfortunately,  I didn't even get to stay there for half an hour because i had to rush out as I was meeting up with my friends. Also purchased few good things (can't wait
to wear them), but also tiring at the same time. I did lots of 
walking around with hands full of bags and boxes and by the end of the day i was proper knackered. Anyway had a really really awesome time.  Hopefully will do some purchase posts SOON-ish.

In this posts: simple basic white top with super skinny DIY ripped black jeans (they fit like a dream), studded clutch from ALDO and printed blazer layered on the top for Rock & Casual look. 
I also added these must have -faux fur collars to stay warm and keep up with the cool crowd.
Why weekend always goes so fast??? Can't wait for this weekend (off to BIRMINGHAM yaay!!!)

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