Sunday, October 09, 2011

Speechless (my lil happy ending story)

                       I just died and went to shoe heaven. I am loving these seriously stylish heels.
           These are freaking dangerous, bad ass and sexy. Ladies you can sort out your man if they're
            not treating you right muwahahahaha.
           My little advice on shoes the flashier the better, so think bright, glitter or 
            spikes and studs...

     But sadly i don't own a pair of jeffrey baby ...I really wanted to get the one with the
     studs LITA but they sell so fast and didnt have my size :(
     And it's  been so long that I am waiting for it to come back,  I am kinda giving up my hopes and thinking
     of getting the one with spikes or just a plain LITA. I will definitely get one soon.

    BTW few weeks ago went to office and saw this cute sexy thing (Night rush black lt/studs). I couldn't stop
    myself walking out of the store without buying it. Since then i have been wearing this every single day.
     I must say, one of the most gorgeous shoes I've ever owned (super comfy) .I got so many compliments       
     from the people walking on the street. That's my lil happy ending story.
                      Get ready people on my next posts will do posts of this shoe with the outfit.

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  1. you should totally get the litas. i got my first pair a few months back and i've been addicted to jeffrey campbell shoes since then. one of the only shoes that worth your money :)
    but i do love your shoe too, the back studded detail is gorgeous.