Sunday, February 26, 2012


(Underground Creepers, Lolas's cupcakes, American Diner, CheapMonday)

Finally, my Creepers yaaay..(I've been wanting them for ages). 
At the beginning I was so disappointed because I wanted to get double sole suede creepers and 
they only had double sole  in leather ones which was way too Gothic for me. And, I ended up buying on suede single sole but  I adore it so much now 
(Been constantly trying and wearing them )

 Today, I had so much fun and it went by so fast. I met up with my friends after a good few months.
 And we did what we good at (shop till drop; walking around in heels with hand full of bags;  eat &dine ;gossips & laughing hard). I believe, which I haven't done for a while...
(Nice company, Lola's red velvet cupcakes; super large foods; unlimited credit cards; sunshine)..
What more can you ask for ...MUWAHAHAHA..
About my outfit I'm wearing AA high waisted denim; AA crop top/stylenanda sweater & biker leather jacket. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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