Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ever since my BOY London Repeat sweat arrived on my doorstep, I've been rocking around with them singing.. C’mon  rude BOY..rude BOY lol. What I love about BOY London is that it's on it!!!It has this edgy mix with smart..I heart!!.I wore this outfit to get my 1st tattoo .Yep 1st tattoo with my BOY snapback & teamed them with riding pant and my DIY black stiletto heel..
It was very fun day with my friend walking around Camden town stalls, some vintage stores and we made a lovely trip to oxford circus with some fruity natural yogurt and Lola’s cupcakes. We popped into Urban Outfitters store and guess what I found--UNIF hellraisers...the 1st word that came from my mouth OMFG!!!  Hellraisers..SWEET!!!I adore UO so much for getting these in their store as you all know on my previous posts they are in my major wish lists  also makes life easy for someone (impatient) like me and no freaking custom charges..Yeahh BOY l’m so happy rite now ..HALLELUJAH!!!!
(Boy repeat sweat & snapback from or selfridges store; AA riding pant; vintage red stiletto shoes DIY black paints)

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