Saturday, June 02, 2012

Vanilla sky

(Dress topshop; footwear  from Riverisland; vintage bag; accessories from topshop)
  I must say that last week was so hot that the temperature was almost 29 degrees. I wore this strappy white midi dress on the weekend : I love the design itself with the slits and its feather lite quality gave me the best feeling of being under the sun. 
And moving on to my accessories, these necklaces are so cute and blends perfectly with the dress. I also bought these matching colar tips which I used as an ear stud instead hehehee..
Boy I'm so looking forward to bank holiday and queen's jubilee yaaay!!!coz It's a long weekend ...I don't know if sun will come out later this week but hope you all have a lovely time..


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    1. thank you for your lovely comment ..will definitely check your blog..