Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Living Room Sofa Ideas

Picture source - Dfs, Furniture village and Pinterest 

Hi everyone 
Couple of days ago, I went to catch up with my friend/sisters. We had a chat for hours and middle of our conversation, they mentioned about my blog. Honestly, these girls  motivated me  to update my blog and also asked me to include my wish lists and daily activities on it. So, here I am updating about my current obsession. Currently, I'm in a process of moving home and i'm indulged with all these interior designing. When,  coming to design the living room the first thing that pops in my head is sofa. Having to select the right design, its a battle between the chester sofa and corner sofa. Chester ones is classic and chic whereas the other one is comfy and lush.
Both are stylish in their own ways. Hopefully, i will be updating you with my new home DIY pictures soon..,

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