Sunday, September 21, 2014

Working City Girl

1. Casual Day look (Ralph Lauren shirt; Coat and jeans from ZARA; Topshop shoes; Phillip Lim 3.1 Bag)

2. Night look  (Zara bralet, H&M Trouser, Vintage Burberry Trench)

I have styled two different working city girl looks with my Phillip Limmy bag. This bag is so lush; I'm in love with it's style and the colour of it not to forget they look very expensive. However, they're reasonable and affordable price and I got this as my wedding anniversary gift from my husband. So, I've very special connection with this bag. 
Moving onto my looks,  with the number 1 look : I put my light blue shirt with my light denim to give that casual touch. To complete this look I added ash colour coat  and front covered white shoes for the perfect day look because lighter shade will look great during the daylight.

Number 2 look is all black perfect for the night with the crop top (bra let) and high waisted trouser. Add  shiny satellites if you have one or any colourful ones to give that pop of colour. Throw on some long coat any lighter colours (in my case was nude) to complete the look. "Voila"! All ready to hit the town. 

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  1. My fav girl here!
    sending much love ffrom nepal